Conference Topics

Because Linguistic Association of Pakistan has taken the initiative of this annual conference realizing the absence of a platform that could provide an opportunity to all concerned stakeholders working in different areas of linguistics and languages to come and share their concerns, challenges, issues, experiences, innovative methods and frameworks. The conference has now emerged as the largest forum available annually to linguists, educators, and researchers; therefore, the conference themes and sub themes are purposefully kept broad to cover a wide range of sub-fields and sub themes to allow potential presenters and audiences to interact meaningfully. Following the focused subthemes your papers may fall within the areas listed below:
Morphology and Syntax Lexicology and Lexicography
Semantics and Pragmatics Translation studies
Phonetics and Phonology Psycholinguistics
Multilingualism Language curriculum in multilingual context
Language policy and planningPedagogy in multilingual societies
Stylistics and Discourse analysis Langauge and culture
First and second language acquisition & learning Digital linguistic resources and linguistic analysis of social media
Historical linguistics Sociolinguistics
Language ideology, identity, prestige, power and politics Language endangerment, preservation and revitalization
Forensic linguistics Language contact and Linguistic variation
Corpus linguistics Language shift and maintenance
Anthropological linguistics Native and non-native speaker dichotomy
Linguistic typology Language rights
Langauge documentation Language and communication
Cognitive linguistics Language and globalization
Computational linguistics World languages