Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can an author submit more than one abstract?
A1. Yes, more than one abstract could be submitted by an author. However, maximum three accepted abstracts of an author will be included in the program: one abstract with his/her name as a first author and the other two abstracts with his/her name as a co-author.

Q2. If two or three abstracts of an author are accepted, one as a first author and the others as a co-author, can (s)he present them all with a single registration fee.
A2. An author would have to pay the registration fee only once. To present two (or three) abstracts, however, at least two (or three) distinct authors must register for the conference.

Q3. Do all authors of a paper need to pay the registration fee separately?
A3. At least one author must register for the conference to present the paper.

Q4. Can the co-authors attend the conference without getting registered?
A4. Only the registered authors/participants can attend the conference.

Q5. Will the co-authors get the certificates without getting registered and/or attending the conference.
A5. The certificates of presentation will be issued only to the registered authors provided their paper is presented in the conference.

Q6. Can authors opt for the mode of presentation i.e., poster or oral?
A6. No, the organizing committee decides the mode of presentation.

Q7. If a registered participant can't make it to attend the conference, will the registration fee be returned to him/her?
A7. No, the registration fee can't be claimed back.

Q8. If the family members and/or the friends of a participant want to attend the conference, do they also need to get registered?
A8. Yes, all accompanying persons also need to get registered.

Q9. Will the participants of the conference be provided traveling allowance?
A9. The participants of the conference, both presenters and observers, will bear the traveling expenses by themselves.

Q10. Will the participants of the conference be provided accommodation?
A10. The organizers would only identify some economical options for staying in the city around the university during the conference days. The expenses of accommodation, however, would be paid by the participants themselves.